Hosiery Manufacturing Software

Hosiery Manufacturing Software

Production ERP System- for Hosiery & Garment Productions

Creation ERP System-for Hosiery and Garment Industries is the unmistakable decision for your Production control and Inventory Tracking needs. It unites the most impressive elements in an unquestionably engaging UI. The graphical plan and format make it exceptionally simple to learn and utilize. Since the program was composed totally in VB6, it very well may be handily tweaked to accommodate your business. It has a solid spine of Microsoft Access/SQL Server. Exceptionally intended for Hosiery and Garment Industries that have a lot of information.

Item Highlights:

  • Full Control Over Production House
  • Diminish Production Cost
  • Higher Productivity

General Features


  • Strong Manufacturing Features.
  • Worker Salary Tracking.
  • Stock/Inventory Transfer.
  • Easy to use Interface.
  • Without blunder saves passages exceptionally quick.
  • The ideal of all creation units is Hosiery and Textile.
  • A simple method for controlling every one of the Steps In-house or Out-house.

Salary Report

  • Salary Detail Note: – Contract Based Employee
  • Salary Summary (All/ Department Wise)
  • Salary Payment
  • Salary Status (All/ Department Wise)
  • Salary Statement (Employee Wise)

Hosiery Manufacturing ERP is the world’s first Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Software), solely for the Fashion Industry serves Hosiery, Garments, Apparel, Socks producing industry. This ERP Software deals with the whole design item lifecycle, from requesting the board to charging, and from creation intending to stock control and Hr.-Payroll. Web-empowered constant administration data framework gives the makers the ability to screen the entire cycle from item Development to trades across the globe. It empowers the joining of cycles across multi workplaces and processing plant areas.

Module Features

  • Stock Master/Article according to Brand
  • Size planning for Articles
  • Article Opening Stock with Size
  • Size-wise Purchase/Inward with VAT
  • Size-wise Sales with VAT on Customized design
  • Size-wise Estimate Billing without Taxes
  • Actual Stock Entry according to Size insightful accessible stock
  • Brand-wise Sales Report
  • Stock Reports: Brand savvy, Articles, Size shrewd columnar report
  • Accounts and Statutory reports
  • Control N Number of Departments.
  • Weaving
  • Cutting
  • Sewing
  • Kicking the bucket
  • Washing
  • Pressing … …and so forth
  • Secure the Product/Position Costing.
  • Part Status Tracking the Manufacturing (Process Wise).
  • Receipt of Order from Customer and Dispatch.
  • Full Inventory/Stock Tracking.
  • Natural substance
  • Completed Goods
  • Client Level Security.
  • Trade Reports into MS Excel.
  • The exact estimation, given four decimal spots.
  • Work pay computation, instalment and record the executives.
  • Running in Reputed businesses.

Information Entry


  • Cash
  • Diary
  • Buy Entry
  • Stock Transfer
  • RM Issue
  • RM Return

Cloth Processing

  • Cloth Receipt
  • House Processing (i.e.- Mending, Final Checking and so on)
  • Issue
  • receipt
  • Work (i.e.- Dyeing, Tubular, Washing and so on)
  • Outward Challan
  • Internal Challan

Manufacture Order

  • Manufacture Receipt (i.e.- Cutting/Knitting)
  • Part Issue (i.e.- Stitching, Overlock, Checking, Packing, and so forth)

Part Wise Expenses

  • Creation Entry
  • Completed Stock Transfer
  • Deal Challan
  • Move Challan (Raw Material)
  • Request Form
  • Request Receipt
  • Representative Attendance

Part Receipt

  • Work Ag. Challan (Outhouse Processing)
  • Outward Challan
  • Internal Challan

Creation Report


  • Last Status (All/Single)
  • Parcel Status (LOT Wise)
  • Parcel Status (Process Wise)
  • Parcel Status (In Wise)
  • Utilization Chart
  • Creation Order Report
  • Manufacture Report
  • Manufacture AvgWt.
  • Work (Out House)
  • Internal Challan
  • Outward Challan
  • Manufacture Pending PO
  • Plan in Process
  • Harm Report
  • Account Reports
  • Stock Report
  • Thing Flow Statement (Party Wise)
  • Stock Report (Ag. Challan Wise)
  • Buy Report
  • Stock Transfer
  • RM Report
  • RM Issue Report
  • RM Wastage
  • RM Balance Stock with Cutter/Fabricator
  • RM Transfer Report
  • Work (Cloth Processing) Challan Details
  • Preliminary Balance
  • Opening Trial Balance
  • Forthcoming Order
  • Creation Report
  • Creation Summary
  • Deal – Item Wise
  • Completed Stock
  • Completed Stock Flow Statement (Art No Wise)

Articles of clothing/Hosiery ERP Modules

  • Merchandising
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Purchase
  • Order Management
  • Job Work Management
  • Product development,
  • Weaving
  • Sewing
  • Cutting
  • Squeezing
  • Pressing
  • Barcoding
  • Charging/Invoicing
  • Returns
  • Execution Management
  • Stock administration
  • Finance
  • Payroll