Foods and Beverages

Foods and Beverages

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T&H Software is a comprehensive software that streamlines sales and distribution management including Primary Sales level 1, Primary Sales level 2 and Secondary Sales for Food and Beverages industry.

T&H Software enables organizations to track product movement from Central warehouse to C&F agents and the further hub and spoke distribution to multiple warehouses spread nationally. The system supports multi-channel, multi-product, multi-brand and multi-user formats to facilitate end-to-end sales order management.

It manages all aspects of sales and distribution of the Food and Beverages industry in real-time and provides access to detailed report of the product’s market demand, shortage and supply brand-wise, SKU-wise and channel-wise. This software offers you an easy and hassle-free way to sales and distribution management.

Key Industry challenges:
Food and Beverages companies thrive in highly competitive atmosphere as the demand of Food and Beverages goods is very steady. The easy availability of similar alternate products can lose you easily to the competition. Hence access to real-time sales data is imperative in helping the production planning department to release the next batch of product. While many Food and Beverages companies use ERP system that fetches them Primary sales data, i.e., from their manufacturing units to super distributors, C&F agents and stockists, the challenge arises due to the lack of visibility on the Primary 2 (Sub-distributors to Distributors & Dealers) and secondary data (Distributors to retailers). This leads to:
  • Inaccurate demand or sales forecasting
  • Inventory pile up or stock out at Distributor Stockist Level
  • Deviated production planning
Key Features and Benefits:
T&H Software significantly improves the sales order functioning of the Food and Beverages industry. It is a web-based system that offers the flexibility to sub-distributors and distributors to operate from distant locations.
  • Tracks Primary and Secondary Sales Data
       Primary level 1
    Primary level 2
    Secondary Sales
  • Distributor Order Management
       Calculates Scheme Payouts
    Calculates Price Protection
    Maintains Accounts Reconciliation
    Creates Credit/Debit Note
  • Captures Stock Transfer
       From manufacturing facilities to central warehouse
    Managers data transfer from company’s primary ERP into Zed-Sales)
    From central warehouse to local warehouses and C&F agents
    Also facilitates stock and hub model
  • Price Management
       Set, edit and manage product’s Price
  • Scheme Management
       Create schemes and measure their projection
  • Manages Permanent Journey Plan (PJP) and Daily Sales Report (DSR) of salespersons
       Create, view and manage PJPs